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Company Location(s): E. Orange, NJ
Imprints: Green & Company Printing and Publishing
Yah Yah Publications
Books per Year: 12
Number of Employees: 8
Description: Wahida Clark is the national bestselling author of six titles and has sold more than 250,000 copies nationwide, causing the author to become a brand name. She has been hailed the "Queen of Thug Love Fiction." January 2009 she launched Wahida Clark Presents Publishing, LLC

Wahida Clark Presents Publishing, LLC (thereafter WCP) is an independent, English-language trade book publisher that specializes in (but not limited to) urban literature, established in September 2008, by Wahida Clark in New Jersey.

Wahida Clark Presents Publishing is a leading publisher of Urban Fiction titles. WCP currently has two Imprints: Green and Company Printing and Publishing which is a POD Publisher and Yah Yah Publications which publishes titles under non-fiction, business, erotica and children genres.
Type(s) of Publisher: Independent Publishers
Trade Publishing: Adult
Trade Publishing: Children's
Company Website:
Phone: 973-678-9982
Fax: 973-678-9981
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