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Internship Detail

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Description: The overarching goal of this remote program is to provide its participants an education in the publishing industry from the perspective of a literary agency. By the end of the Writers House Intern Program the interns:

• Will have developed sound criteria for evaluating query letters, partial manuscripts, and full manuscripts.
• Will have advanced their ability to generate rejection letters, reader’s reports, editorial letters, and pitch letters.
• Will have gained new administrative skills that pertain specifically to publishing including Literary Expert, comparing contracts, reviewing royalty statements, and managing and maintaining calendars.
• Will have advanced their cover letter and resume writing skills.
• Will have advanced their job interviewing skills.

The Writers House Intern Program arrives at its goals through a series of ongoing programs; specifically, weekly Intern Meetings, weekly Tutorials, Evening Seminars, and One-on-One Sessions. Interns will regularly engage in a broad range of editorial, administrative, organizational, and logistical duties as they develop the skills requisite to entry-level positions in publishing.
Length of Internship: February 8 - June 4, 2021
Requirements: Keen interest in publishing
Office experience a plus
Knowledge of and interest in genre fiction; especially, young adult, thrillers, mysteries, romance, and science fiction/fantasy.
Location: Remote internship
Application Due Date: January 25, 2021
Payment: Monthly stipend
How To Apply For This Internship: Please send cover and resume to
Michael Mejias
Director, Writers House Intern Program
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