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Internship Detail

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Description: Ayesha Pande Literary is a boutique literary agency in New York City. We are seeking remote interns for our Fall 2021 session.

Ayesha Pande Literary is proud to offer interns the opportunity to explore a career in publishing by providing robust educational programming in the form of Intern Academy, a twelve-week session led by our agents. Each week, interns will learn about a specific aspect of being a literary agent and about the broader publishing industry at large, including:

- Introduction to Book Publishing: Book Publishing at A Glance
- Honing Your Editorial Eye: Reading & Evaluating Submissions
- Growing Your List: Researching & Signing Clients
- Developing & Editing Manuscripts & Book Proposals
- The Art of Pitching: From Loglines to Submission Letters
- Book Deals: From Pre-empts to Auctions
- Contracts & Royalty Statements
- Subsidiary Rights

In addition, APL interns will work closely with a supervising agent who will provide feedback in order to help interns develop their understanding of publishing and agenting through a variety of hands-on assignments. These may include:

- Evaluating submissions in the form of query letters and requested manuscripts;
- Drafting readers reports;
- Identifying and pitching potential clients to supervising agent(s);
- Drafting outreach letters to potential clients;
- Analyzing publishing contracts and royalty statements.

As part of this fully-immersive educational experience, interns will also have access to editorial meetings, internal agency meetings, and meetings with other book industry professionals (book-to-film agents, scouts, foreign co-agents, etc) to broaden their horizons as they think about potential possibilities in the book publishing ecosystem. It is our goal to not only provide our interns with the necessary skills to break in to the publishing industry, but also provide them with a big-picture understanding of the industry as whole.

All internships are currently remote, so remote applicants are very welcome!

All internships are currently unpaid. Course credit available whenever possible.

At the successful conclusion of an internship, we can and will use our extensive network of publishing contacts to help you make connections in book publishing.
Length of Internship: Approximately 3 months; starting in early-mid September; start and end dates flexible.
Requirements: The ideal candidate is:

- A voracious and discerning reader informed by the literary landscape and broader mainstream culture;
- Has excellent editorial, research, communication, and analytical skills;
- Is comfortable meeting deadlines, managing their time, and working on independent projects in a collaborative environment;
- Is proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Suite;
- Able to dedicate a minimum of 15 hours weekly for internship.
Location: remote
Application Due Date: September 7, 2021
Payment: Unpaid, can provide school credit if necessary
How To Apply For This Internship: Apply on our website here:
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